Bio Edit


618 - Ferleaf

Moves Edit

Name Level To Use Power Element
Gnaw 1 35 Basic
Head Bash 10 35 Basic
Tail Strike 20 40 Basic
Agile Strike 28 50 Basic

Ferleaf is a dinosaur looking monster with leaves for plates on its back Ferleaf can be found on settlers wild 1B and plains 0B to name a few. Ferleaf is a very rare monster and hard to find ferleaf has a shy and quiet temperament it hides in tall grasses and around thick tress to keep hidden from predators its leave plates can absorb light like some plant like monsters and receive nutrients and energy from the sun.

Ferleaf stats

Stats: 10 Health: 2 Attack: 3 Defense: 5 Speed: 5 Intelligence: 5

Mutation Edit

[Male] Ferleaf --Lv -14-> Fertril --Lv38-> Fertryan