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620 - Fertyran

Moves Edit

Name Level To Use Power Element
Sever 1 50 Basic
Terra Spirit Ball 55 80 Earth
Seismic Wave 57 100 Earth
Head Smash 65 150 Earth
Ancient Beam 70 120 Ancient


Monster cannot be located on any of the maps

Fertyran stats(these stats can be changed)

Stats: 17 Health: 8 Attack: 9 Defense: 11 Speed: 3 Intelligence: 4


Fertyran is a Ancient and Earth type monster with leaf plates and sharp claws and teeth. Fertyran is extremely rare in the wid almost nonexistent.Tamers who find this monster wil have an epic fight in their hands with powerful earth and ancient moves and being fully mutated this monster is deadly. Fertyran are also good parents some taking care of their ferleaf young and can eat both plants and meat also absorbing light from the sun giving them more power

Mutation Edit

Ferleaf --Lv14-> Fertril --Lv38-> Fertyran